Dua After Azan

Dua After Azan in Arabic with English Translation

What is Dua?

In Islam, dua is a prayer of invocation, supplication or request, asking help or assistance from God. Duʿāʾ is an integral aspect of Islamic worship and spirituality, serving as a direct line of communication between a believer and Allah. Wikipedia

What is Azan?

Azan is a call to prayer and it is delivered five times a day by a Mua’ddin to remind Muslims to come to mandatory prayer and leave worldly matters behind.

Azan Dua in Arabic

اللهم رب هذه الدعوة التامة والصلاة القائمة آت محمدا الوسيلة والفضيلة وابعثه مقاما محمودا الذي وعدته حلت له شفاعتي يوم القيامة (رواه البخاري)

Azan Dua in English 

Allahumma rabba hadhi-hid da’wa tit-tam-mati wa-salaatil Qa-imati ati Mohammada nil waseelata wal fadeelata wab ‘ath-hu maqamam mahmuda nil-ladhi wa’ad-tahu.”

Azan Dua meaning in English

Oh Allah, lord of this perfect call and established salaah. Grant Mohammed intercession (to you) and honour, and raise him to the position of praise on the day of judgement, which you promised him). He becomes eligible for my intercession on the day of Judgement.” (Collected by bukhari)

Allah knows the best. May Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) guide all of us to His Truth and purify of our intentions, and allow us to enter Jannah together. And may Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) accept all our good deeds and help us in the cause, forgive our mistakes and make us amongst the Muntaqeen & By His Mercy make us all Inhabitants of Jannah. Ameen ya rabbal’alameen.

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