The Islamic Studies was founded in 2024 by a student (His pen name: Abu Hashim) of Islamic center Riyadh KSA, to provide free and accessible Islamic education through digital platforms under the guidance of reputed scholars.

Abu Hashim, also known as Isak Mohammed, is a student of the Islamic center Riyadh KSA. He holds a postgraduate degree in MBA with a specialization in Marketing from SMU, as well as a bachelor’s degree in B.Tech with a focus on E&C Engineering from the VTU of India.

Apart from his academic pursuits, Abu Hashim is deeply committed to expanding his knowledge and skills in Islamic studies. He aspires to share this valuable knowledge with brothers and sisters worldwide.

At the moment, he is in the process of completing his fourth semester of the Islamic studies course at the Islamic center Riyadh KSA. The subjects he is studying include Tajweed, Hadees, Fiqh, Tawheed and Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Insha Allah!

May Allah help us in the cause, forgive our mistakes and make us amongst the Muntaqeen & By His Mercy make us all Inhabitants of Jannah. Ameen ya rabbal’alameen.

JazakAllah Khair.


Our mission is to provide accessible and engaging digital resources that enable individuals to deepen their knowledge and practice of Islam. The Islamic Studies is committed to sharing educational articles that inspire intellectual growth and promote cultural understanding among diverse audiences, making Islamic studies accessible and engaging for everyone.


Our vision is to teach Islamic principles and values through innovative digital platforms. The Islamic Studies aspires to revolutionize education by providing accessible and engaging Islamic studies content that not only informs and educates but also inspires individuals to lead more enlightened and purposeful lives, in turn, creating a more harmonious and connected world.

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